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The commercial projects we undertake include carparks, commercial driveways etc

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Concrete Foundations

We are your one-stop foundation specialists providing a complete service from site works to concrete slab completion. This includes excavation, raft, waffle, pod or traditional concrete foundations.

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Concrete Floors

Laser technology and power floats ensure the concrete floor is finished accurately and to a high standard

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Concrete Driveways

Construction of driveways includes excavation, base preparation, boxing, kerb & channel (if needed). We offer most concrete finishes including exposed aggregate, coloured concrete and decorative cutting.

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We have our own excavators and trucks to carry out all excavation work. This eliminates hold-ups and ensures your base is prepared accurately.

North West Concrete Ltd | Concrete Services Auckland

Exposed Aggregate

A retardant is applied to the surface of the concrete. Different finishes can be achieved with pebbles, shell or different colours.

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Coloured Concrete

Oxide is added to the pre-mixed concrete for an even, solid colour throughout.

North West Concrete Ltd | concrete Contractors Auckland

Expansion Cutting

With expansion cutting, the concrete is cut to allow for expansion of the concrete and to help reduce cracking.

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Vehicle Crossings

The base and concrete as required to Council specifications for heavy duty and domestic traffic

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Retaining Walls

Timber, concrete block and other products